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Entry #2

I <3 "The Room"

2010-09-09 18:01:12 by 8Bite

After playing Tom, Johnny, and Oney's masterpiece of a game(if you haven't played it, you suck), i went and watched the movie. Tommy Wiseau is a genius. I mean, who can fuck somebody from that angle? Only Tommy can. And he can do it exactly the same, TWICE. Now that is sexy. And like, the flower shop scene? That perfectly matches what i do when i go shopping for flowers, including the dog.

FUCK, i can't do this anymore, lol.

'The Room' is possibly one of the worst movies of all time, and i haven't even seen the whole thing. And Tommy seems like a grade A poser. Read his wiki, and you'll understand. He does have nice abs though. lol.

btw, i'd like to compare the room to daytime television.


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2015-02-24 00:46:48

Ha Ha 4 Sure D00000D